from left, front row-  Michael Combs (HoLa secretary and PR chair), Rosa Mar (festival PR co-chair), Irene Hernandez (festival coordinator), Leonor Lundy (Parade of Nations chair, Rebecca Gomez (volunteer chair), Nathalie Hristov,  and Angela Masini

back row -  Antonio Hinton,  Karina Cureton (executive director), Roger Roark, Pedro Tomás (HoLa treasurer), Chinito Catu and Carlos Bermúdez. 

Not pictured -  Terra Clotfelter Gómez and Pedro Gómez


HoLa Festival 2015


Saturday, September 26 – Festival “Kick-Off”

A variety of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are available for purchase and various food vendors are available.

Performances at the Main Stage, Market Square


7:00-7:20pm- Emcee Chinito Catu

7:20-8:25pm – opening performance by

   Jimmy Bonilla and Orchestra

8:25-8:55pm – songs by Chinito Catu

9:00-10:00pm – second set performance
   by Jimmy Bonilla and Orchestra


Sunday, September 27 – Full Festival for the Entire Family

11:00am – 6:00pm – all food vendors, craft vendors, and tables open to the public

   Beverage stations on Market Square and Union have a variety of non-alcoholic beverages available for purchase as well as beer.  (No other alcohol is available.)

   The Community Fair at Union and Market includes 14 tables of local organizations providing activities for children and for adults. 

   Sponsor Booths of the HoLa sponsors on Market Square include representatives from the many organizations and businesses that support the Festival. 

   Hispanic Heritage tables on Market Square provide a wealth of information about different countries by displaying crafts and other traditions. Be sure to get a copy of the HoLa Passbook from the US table or the information booth and see how many country stickers you can paste in the book.

   Children’s activities include the ever-popular bouncy house in the parking lot behind Am South bank.

     Unless otherwise noted, all performances will be at the Main Stage at Market Square.


11:00-11:10am – Emcees Marco Villarreal
   and Chinito Catu

11:10-11:35pm- performance by


11:40-12:00pm - Hazari Science Show

12:05-12:25pm – performance by

   Pasión Flamenca

12:30-1:15pm - first performance by

   Ballet Folklórico

1:00 – 1:30 – show by

   SonLight Puppeteers (children’s area)

1:20-1:50pm – performance by

   Sangría Dance by Olga

2:00 – 2:30pm – second show by

   Sonlight Puppeteers (children’s area)

1:55-2:35 - performance followed by class
   by Salsa Knox

2:30 – Parade of Nations(assemble on Church Street; step off at 2:30 turning North on Gay Street then left on Wall ending at the Main Stage for photo)

3:05-4:00pm -  performance by

   Marcel Portilla band

4:10 – 4:55pm - second performance by

   Ballet Folklórico

4:30 – 5:00pm – second performance by Cazateatro (children’s area)

5:05-6:00pm – second set performance by
    Marcel Portilla band